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We provide a fun, unique and confidence-building creative art experience

We offer:

  • Art classes for kids, teens and adults
  • Camps
  • Workshops
  • Birthday parties for children
  • Creative parties for adults
  • School and organizational fundraisers
  • Creative workshops for adults and teens

The creative process often involves experimentation and taking a risk.The KidzArt / Art Innovators experience supports this discovery process with anon-competitive environment where mistakes are OK. Relaxing exercises and soft music allowstudents to focus, try something new and enjoy what they are doing. We offer visual and perceptual tools that are easy to learn. We also make problem solving an exciting, fun, transforming experience!

We reach the artistic individual as well as those who never thought they could draw or create works of art! Kids and adults get immediate results as their enthusiasm for the creative process increases. Parents see the difference in the quality of art their children bring home

Educational Foundation.
The core KidzArt / Art Innovators drawing-based curriculum has been developed and kid-tested by professional artists and educators over the past 20 years and exceeds the National Visual Art Standards. We use this incredible tool as a launch pad for delivering an ongoing, highly engaging and educationally rich creative experience that amazes and delights students. The curriculum is evolving, age appropriate and never repeated.