Frequently Answered Questions

  1. How do I register for KidzArt Class?

It's easy! Head over to our locations page and find the location nearest you. Click the Register button at the bottom of the page.

You will always receive an email confirmation when you register for a KidzArt class.

  1. Can my child go directly to the KidzArt class when school is dismissed?

Yes, there will always be a KidzArt instructor at the class location to supervise the students.

  1. After KidzArt class, do I need to pick up my child from the KidzArt classroom?

In order to ensure the safety of your child, we are requesting that all parents that pick up their children from KidzArt class come directly to the KidzArt classroom. 

If you indicate “After school care” or “Walk Home” during the registration process theKidzArt instructor will follow those instructions.

If you would like to give permission for your child’s instructor to release your child to meet you at the front of the school, please make a request in writing by mail or fax to your local KidzArt Director.

  1. I want to enroll my child, but did not get a flyer. What do I do?

All classes for the entire school year are listed on this website or you can pick one up at your school’s front office. If you have further questions you can always call your local KidzArt Director.

  1.  How many children do you accept in your class?

We limit our classes by student age and instructor experience. Usually a class is between 15-20 students to ensure every child received enough encouragement and attention

  1. What ages/grades do you accept?

We teach art to students K-7 in our after school program.

  1. Do you combine age groups?

We prefer to separate the grades  into separate classes so that all of the students are challenged at the appropriate level. Depending on enrollment we may have one class with all of the students- because our student to teacher ratio is low; we are able to guarantee that our younger and beginner students get extra attention and our older and advanced students are given additional challenges if this happens.

  1. Does my child need to bring anything?

No, KidzArt provides all artist-quality supplies.

  1. Can you pick my child up at his/her classroom?

We do pick up our Kindergarten students from their classrooms on the first day of a session or after-school care if it is indicated on the flyer. We will ensure that all children make it to the KidzArt classroom before the class starts. If you are worried about your child finding the classroom, instruct them to go to the front office and they will help direct him/her to the class.

  1. Who are your teachers?

KidzArt Certified Instructors All of our instructors go through comprehensive training on the KidzArt method. The KidzArt program is a national program and its methods have been proven for almost 25 years in public schools! All of our instructors are fingerprinted and cleared through the Department of Justice.

  1. Is every class or session different?

Yes, KidzArt projects will never repeat.

  1. What kind of projects will my child do?

KidzArt is a drawing based art-enrichment program designed to enhance drawing skills and build each child’s confidence. We will work with a variety of mediums throughout the school year, cover all of the fundamentals of art and drawing, incorporate different textures and touch on art history and fun facts.  Each and every project is “kid tested” ensure that all projects are fun and successful!

  1. Is there a theme for each session?

No, within each session, students will explore a variety of drawing including animals, landscapes and still life objects.  Projects and mediums used throughout the year will include Prismacolor Markers, ArtStix, Oil Pastels, Chalk Pastels, Charcoal, Sandart, Scratch Art, Watercolor, Scratch Art and 3D Projects.

  1.  How does your program inspire creativity?

Each and every class we brainstorm how students can add or change their drawings. Ensuring that they learn to take risks and think “outside the box.”

  1.  What is your cancellation policy?

Contact your local KidzArt Provider for their cancellation policy.