Be Your Own Boss. Work from Home.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with qualified individuals. Take advantage of our 30 years of experience. Partners not only invest financially but are entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion for art and education into a career.

No art or teaching experience needed. We provide step-by-step training, curriculum, operational systems, and support. We have the tools to help you develop your business.

Why We Exist

KidzArt has been at the leading edge of the creative education space. We help build self confidence through self-expression! Art is all about feeling free to take risks, to explore the unknown, and to trust the “inner creative voice”. Our curriculum reflects these principles and has been tested for 30 years by millions of students worldwide.

What We Do

We began teaching children in 1990 and have been supporting successful franchises since 2002. Our art education program encourages self confidence and teaches students to see the world in new ways. This business is perfect for the sophisticated investor seeking a simple model designed to produce a significant return, while contributing something that truly makes a difference.


  • We have quality programs to service ANY age starting as young as two years old
  • Your business can be completely portable
  • We have protected names for each sector: KidzArt™, Art Innovators™, Squiggles to Grins™, TeenzArt™, SeniorzArt™ and Palette Up!™
  • Each investor has access to a wide variety of curriculum for each sector
  • Online registration system also provides a business management system
  • Our class calculator gives a quick view of your business and serve as a tool to help you achieve your desired profit margins

The Model

12 streams of income!

  1. After School Art classes
  2. Workshops and classes for adults
  3. Camps for kids (weekly and daily)
  4. Mommy and me classes
  5. Palette Up! program for adults
  6. Core program in schools
  7. In-school field trips
  8. Birthday parties
  9. Home school program
  10. Special events: Scout badges, family night out, and celebrations of any kind
  11. Grant programs
  12. Corporate America: Team Building

Start Up

Initial business development is predominantly securing locations to hold classes. Locations can include, but are not limited to, public and private schools, churches, daycare centers, community centers, home school groups, restaurants, and wineries. The next step is hiring and training instructors. A small franchise may have only one or two instructors. A large franchise may require as many as 30.

Continuing daily tasks include monitoring locations, managing instructors, communicating to parents, and developing new locations and customers.

Is there an earnings claim?

Yes, it is listed in Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Territorial Protection?


Support and Training

  • On-Boarding: We prepare you with valuable tools and tips even before you arrive for training
  • Four full-days of training in Michigan includes: training on business tools, art classes, how to teach, marketing, proven best practices
  • Coaching calls tailored just for your start-up: 6-8 weeks following training
  • Webinar training on demand
  • Business Center (Intranet) with archived training videos, marketing collateral, extensive curriculum and customized business tools
  • Unlimited telephone support from corporate
  • On staff curriculum specialist
  • Website with pages that you can edit

Why Invest in KidzArt

  • Full training
  • No art experience needed
  • A 30-year track record in art education
  • 12 different streams of income
  • Protected territory & unlimited customer base
  • 24/7 Intranet site
  • Unlimited support
  • You build it up and sell it – you are creating VALUE
  • Business Tools: location calculators, online registration, website, professionally designed marketing collateral
  • Step-by-step manuals, videos, and training materials
  • Bulk buying for art products and marketing materials

Consider this:

  • Our curriculum set us apart! We are one of the only art franchises providing programs for two years old through adult
  • Our paint and sip program, Palette Up!, is INCLUDED in your purchase price
  • You can enter into the market with a low franchise fee, and still be able to purchase additional territory when you are ready to expand. Territory can be purchased for only 40 cents per qualified household

KidzArt offers: the method, the experience, the curriculum, the results

Contact Us Today for More Information

Call (517) 784-5000 or email

“I just wanted to say that the last five years with KidzArt have been tremendously rewarding. I came on board very early when few systems were in place. I’m so amazed at how far we’ve come! I’ve been so impressed at how responsive corp. has been to the franchisees’ needs. I would never have thought a corp. office would be so reachable and so willing to hear and address our needs. The systems that have been put in place have been lifesaving for me. You guys are constantly looking for and developing systems, methods and products to help us grow our franchises. The response from my community is proof that KidzArt has found a need and is offering it up in a fashion that attracts customers. In my franchise they keep coming back and that’s just how I want it. Thank you for all you do. I am in the process of renewing my Franchise Agreement and looking forward to continuing this growth and to know we will be touching more and more lives with our creative program.”

Linda Shaw. South Charlotte Area, North Carolina

What is the Next Step?

If you think KidzArt might be a good fit for you, take the first step for consideration and complete our Information Request Form. Submitting this form does not obligate you or us to anything. It’s just the first step in learning more about us.