This week, we’ve got a fun series of animal themed projects! Check back each day for a new project!

day 1

Today’s project is a sandpaper starfish!

Click here to download our Starfish guide!

Add your starfish to our underwater coloring page! Click here to download!

day 2

June 16th is World Sea Turtle!

Click here to download our Turtle Shell worksheet!

Click here to learn more about sea turtles:

Day 3

Today we’ve got a mix and match animal activity!

Click here to download!

Day 4

Did you know that several species of chameleons can change color based on their surroundings? They use this as a camouflage technique!

Click here to download our Colorful Chameleon coloring sheet!

Day 5

Our last animal themed project is a textured hedgehog!

Click here to download!