Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519

This week, we’re celebrating one of our favorite artists, Leonardo da Vinci! Leonardo is one of the most well known artists from the Italian Renaissance period. In honor of his birthday, April 15th, we’ll be doing a themed creative activity every day this week!

Click here to download our da Vinci info sheet to learn more about the artist and the techniques he used!

Day 1

The Mona Lisa is one of da Vinci’s most famous works of art! It currently hangs in the Louvre museum in Paris France! The mysterious subject of this painting is unknown, but there are several theories about who she might be.

While the Mona Lisa is easily one of the most recognizable works of art, we want to challenge you to create your own version! Click here to download and print our free Mona Lisa outline! Add your own hair and facial features and customize her outfit! Make sure to share your finished piece with us!

Day 2

Today’s activity is all about the mysterious Golden Ratio concept that can be seen in some of da Vinci’s work! We’re looking at examples of the ratio in art and architecture!

Click here for today’s Golden Ratio handout and activity!

Day 3

Leonardo da Vinci wrote most of his notes in a cryptic backwards script! See if you can crack the code!

Click here to download our free Mirror Writing activity!

Day 4

Leonardo da Vinci was an extremely prolific inventor! His blueprints include sketches of machines way ahead of his time, as well as modifications for existing objects. Da Vinci was fascinated with the inner workings of machinery. He was particularly determined to create a flying machine.

Click here for a short video on his attempts at flying machines!

Today’s activity is all about da Vinci’s inventions! Click here to download our free da Vinci’s Inventions activity

Day 5

Linear Perspective is a technique that was often used in Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings. This technique allows the artist to create depth in piece by illustrating objects further away as much smaller than objects closer to the viewer.

There are 3 main components of a picture with Linear Perspective:

  1. Parallel Lines – lines next to each other that go the same direction
  2. A Vanishing Point – the point where the subject of the painting disappears into the horizon line
  3. A Horizon Line – the point in the picture where the land meets the sky

Today’s creative activity is a Linear Perspective coloring page. Can you point out all three components of Linear Perspective? Click here to download!

Check back Monday for another creative art activity!