Unusual Mediums!

We’re back again with another week full of free creative activities that you can do at home! This week, we’re going to be exploring some different mediums!

Day 1

For today’s activity, we’re introducing the concept of Watercolor Resist!

Supplies:  White paper, a white crayon, watercolor, brushes, and a cup of water

Click here to download our free Watercolor Resist Activity!

Day 2

Today we’re taking a look at some artwork made using recycled materials!

Click here to download the Recycled Artwork handout!

Day 3

Download today’s activity to learn about the history of Collage Art and make your own collage!

Click here to download our free Collage Art handout!

Day 4

Today we’re making leaf stamps!

Click here to download our free Leaf Stamps handout!

Day 5

Click here to download our Aluminum Foil Free Doodle activity!

Check back next week for another fun activity!