Halloween Search and Find!

Happy Friday! We’re celebrating Halloween this weekend with our free Halloween Search and Find activity! Click here to download our Halloween Search and Find activity!

Spooky Pastel Bats!

Chalk Pastel Bats We’re gearing up for Halloween here at KidzArt and we have the perfect activity to celebrate! Click here to download our free Pastel Bats exercise!

Watercolor Dragonfly

This week’s project is super simple but the results are beautiful! All you’ll need is watercolor paper, watercolors, brushes, and a black oil pastel! Click here to download our free Watercolor Dragonfly guide!

Self Portrait Exercise

We’ve got another fun weekend activity for you! You can use any medium & materials that you have at home! Click here for our Self Portrait Exercise!  

Another Watercolor Resist Technique!

If you enjoyed our previous watercolor resist activity, make sure to check out this new one! It’s super simple and requires supplies you probably have at home! Click here to download!

DIY Scratch Art

We love scratch art, but it can be hard to find the right materials. If you can’t get a hold of scratch art materials right now, this i the perfect project for you! Click here to download our DIY Scratch Art project!

Color Wheel Drawing

This week’s free project is a great way to illustrate the color wheel! Click here to download! We also have another color wheel exercise that works great with this project:  Click here to download!

3-D Houses

Learn about & experiment with the concept of 3-D in this fun exercise! Design and decorate your own pop-up house! Click here for the free guide!

Mini Landscapes

This week’s free activity is the perfect exercise to illustrate the concept of value! Click here for our Landscape handout!