Color Wheel Drawing

This week’s free project is a great way to illustrate the color wheel! Click here to download! We also have another color wheel exercise that works great with this project:  Click here to download!

3-D Houses

Learn about & experiment with the concept of 3-D in this fun exercise! Design and decorate your own pop-up house! Click here for the free guide!

Mini Landscapes

This week’s free activity is the perfect exercise to illustrate the concept of value! Click here for our Landscape handout!

Abstract Animals

Learn about abstract art and color theory with this free activity! Click here to download our Abstract Animals worksheet!

Working with Patterns

Need some practice with patterns? If so, this free activity is perfect for you! This free download contains a simple palm tree drawing with a grid over top of it. In each square, practice drawing unique patterns! You can focus on adding to the picture or creating completely different patterns! Download our Palm Tree Pattern …

Antoni Gaudi

Mosaic Project Inspired by Gaudi Today’s project is super fun & simple! Click here to download our Antoni Gaudi info sheet and project guide! Don’t forget to share yours with us!

Monet’s Water Lilies

This free activity includes a lesson about Claude Monet and the Impressionist movement! Click here for your guide to Monet’s Water Lilies!

DIY Viewfinder!

This project is super easy and allows students to better understand the concepts of composition and viewpoint! Click here for our free Viewfinder project guide!

Chalk Pastels

Fun with Chalk Pastels! Have you ever experimented with chalk pastels? Our free Creative Art Activity this week is experimenting with this versatile medium! Click here to download our Chalk Pastels guide. Check back next Friday for another fun activity!

3-D Salt Painting Project!

Create your own 3-D salt painting artwork! This activity is super simple and the supplies are probably items that you already have! Click here for our Salt Painting guide! Make sure you share your finished pieces with us!