**Due to the impacts of the pandemic, KidzArt Cary WILL BE CLOSING ON 10/27/20. We want to thank you for your support of our program during these difficult months. We hope to see you again in the future.**


Build upon your child’s love of art with our weekly art classes!

Art Classes

*No classes scheduled.

Create + Make! 

Enjoy the endless and creative artistic possibilities of 3D art! We'll work with a variety of materials to create exciting and original art pieces including (but not limited to); clay, plaster, collage materials, crafting supplies, acrylic/watercolor paint and much more. Your child will enjoy this hands-on art class focused on the process of art-making. REQUIRED: An imagination and a love for "messy" type art!

I'm An Artist!

Have fun making cool art! Build upon your child's love of art with our "I'm an Artist!" art classes with KidzArt! Our confidence-building classes provide children the opportunity to explore, create, and make a variety of 2D & 3D art pieces, while learning valuable techniques in drawing, painting and design. We'll work with a variety of materials and fine art media (acrylic, collage, clay, watercolor, crafting, etc.) while enjoying the benefits of process-art making. All skill levels welcome!

Learn to Draw: Chibi & Anime Style

Learn how to draw Chibi and anime styles in this fun class! Students will learn the distinct characteristics of each style while practicing how to exaggerate features and facial expressions and how to apply these styles to a variety of characters, people, and animals.

Acrylic & Watercolor Painting

Learn the fundamentals of acrylic and watercolor painting while practicing and applying technique to canvas and paper! We'll learn all about different brushstrokes and painting styles, as well as color theory, creating gradients, blending, and much more. This class is fun and easy-to-follow for children of all skill levels.

Fashion Drawing

In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of fashion design as they create sketches inspired by the latest fashion trends and styles. Our artists will teach students step-by-step how to sketch figures, dynamic poses. proportions, and much more as we experiment with color, texture, and design. Each week is a new project.

Draw, Sketch, Design!

Learn how to draw, sketch, and design animals, people, cartoons, and landscapes in this fun class created just for children who LOVE to draw! We'll learn about realism, creating textures, features, postures, portraying emotion, balance, proportion, and much more. As always, art is about the process, never the final product - so join us as our experienced instructors ignite your child's creativity and passion for drawing!



Preschool Classes

*No classes scheduled

Our preschool classes are focused on the process, never the final product. Our projects are designed to facilitate the creative growth and development of your child's inner artistic talents. Students in our preschool classes will have fun exploring, experimenting, and creating with a variety of art materials through teacher-guided art lessons. All of the materials used are non-toxic and washable. Every week is a new project!