General Art Classes

General Art Classes (Ages 7-14)

In this class, students will learn techniques in drawing, painting, and design while exploring various artists and famous styles. We’ll use a variety of mediums including; watercolors, acrylic paint, chalk pastels, oil pastels, and much more. Every week is a new lesson and project that students will be able to take home at the end of each class.

PreK Art Classes (Ages 5/6)

Students will be introduced to various fine art mediums as they learn the basics of drawing, painting, and design! We'll create beautiful sculptures, paintings, and fun drawings using mediums like; watercolors, pastels, watercolor crayon, colored pencils, clay, and much more. All of our materials are non-toxic and safe to use. Every week is a new project that students will be able to take home after class!

Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Acrylic Painting on Canvas (Ages 7-14)

In this instructor-led painting class, students will have fun learning different painting techniques, brushstrokes, and color as they create a masterpieces on canvas. Paintings will focus on a variety of topics including animals, landscapes, famous landmarks, nature, fantasy, and much more. Every week is a new painting students will be able to take home at the end of each class.

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration Classes (Ages 7-14)

In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of fashion design as they create sketches inspired by the latest fashion trends and styles. Our artists will teach students step-by-step how to sketch figures, dynamic poses. proportions, and much more as we experiment with color, texture, and design. Each week is a new project that students will be able to take home.

Anime Drawing

Anime & Cartoon Drawing Class (Ages 7-14)

Learn all about drawing anime style characters in this fun and creative class! Students will learn all about the art of anime as they practice drawing their own characters and features. We'll also learn how to:

-Building character from shapes
-Portray personality through action line
-Convey emotion
-Work with a wide variety of materials and techniques.

Pop Art!

Pop Art! (Ages 7-14)

Learn all about pop art including the famous artistic styles of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and similar artists during the pop art era. Students will practice and apply techniques in creating their own pop artwork using a variety of fine art mediums such as; acrylic paint, oil pastels, and illustration markers.

Intro to Drawing & Sketching

Intro to Drawing & Sketching (Ages 7-14)

Students will learn about perspective, proportion, and spacial relationship as they practice drawing a variety of fun topics and subjects. Students will gain an understanding of their own personal style of sketching, while practicing drawing from what they "see" in their head, as well as from a reference. All skill levels welcome!

Drawing Techniques: Shading & Texture

Drawing Techniques: Shading & Textures (Ages 7-14)

Students will have fun learning all the different ways to add dimension and texture to their drawings - including hatching, cross-hatching, circling, stippling and squirkling and much more. We'll also go over the importance of controlling the pressure of our pencils to create gradients and form optical illusions using light and shade.

Parents are welcome to join their child during class at no additional cost when space allows.

Preschool Art

Preschool Art Classes (Ages 3-5)

Our preschool classes are focused on the process, not the final product! Our lessons are designed to facilitate the creative growth and development of your child's inner artistic talents. Students in our preschool classes will have fun exploring, experimenting, and creating with a variety of art materials through teacher-guided art lessons. All of the materials used are non-toxic and washable. Every week is a new project!

Parents are welcome to participate in our preschool art classes with your child at no additional cost.

Open Art Studio

Open Art Studio (Ages 6-14)

Open Studio is a student-led, instructor-facilitated time where enrolled studio members are able to come and practice their artistic skills and techniques are their own pace, in a creative, relaxing environment. Students are presented with supplies available and ideas, then choose which activity they wish to do. Our artists are available to assist and guide students as needed. **Members must pre-register online before attending open studio.

**All supplies/materials are included. Students are provided with one canvas per hour they are registered.

Open Art Studio: Toddler & Preschool (Ages 2-5)

A wonderful process-focused art experience for your little artist! Children and their care takers move from station to station exploring and engaging in unique sensory experiences that include, painting, clay/doughs, drawing, crafting, collage and more! Children move at their own pace as they following their imagination and learn the many ways to create a masterpiece!

*This is not a instructor-led activity, however, our artists will be on hand to assist when needed. Participants will get to take their creations home when they leave.