For the 2019 – 20 School Year we will be breaking our after-school program into themes: Art Foundations, Explore More, 3D Art, Paintbrushes and Pallets. Classes are open to elementary students grades 1 and up. If enough interest is expressed and space is available, we may add an additional art class in April and May open to Kindergarten students.


October & November Art Foundations (1.25 hours)

December & January Explore More (1 hour)

February & March 3D Art (1 hour)

April & May Paintbrushes and Pallets (1.5 hours)


KidzArt Art Foundations build upon their knowledge of art to truly understand the background behind a piece of work.  Whether a KidzArt aficionado or novice, your young Picasso will gain a broader understanding of the elements of drawing. (1 hour, 15 minutes)


KidzArt Explore More artists will build on their art foundations as discover new surfaces and mediums. (1 hour)


KidzArt 3D Art explores taking art off the wall and into the 3rd dimension. Build, sculpt and create clay masterpieces and 3D works of art. (1 hour)


Get your smock out and get ready to join us for our KidzArt Paintbrushes and Pallets. Classes will be filled with fun new paintings each week. (1.5 hours)



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