Looking for an art lesson on your own time?

We have you covered.  Select your favorite lesson, grab some paper and join us.




Wonder how to make something look 3-D?  Learn this simple drawing trick.  Our simple “Mistakes are OK” approach will have you designing your unique birdhouse.   Add a bird, a plane, a dragonfly!


Delicious Desserts

Oh so yummy!  Let’s draw some desserts.  This image is great for markers or painting.




Jet Plane             Ages 6-12     

Ever wonder who designed the colors and designs for commercial airlines?  YOU be the designer of your own jet plane.  Learn how to draw the basic aerodynamic shape and then create your own exterior design.  Learn about perspective and scale.  Discover how to use chalk pastels to blend beautiful colors and landscapes.


Squirrel with Leaves

Join us as we draw this cute little squirrel.



 Movie Theatre                 Ages 6-16

Be the star of your own movie.  Put YOUR name on the marquee! Think of a title for your movie. Consider different architectural styles as you draw the exterior of a theatre using just a ruler and common art materials you have at home.



Birch Trees        Ages 6-16      (Watercolor Lesson)

Have you ever used masking fluid?  Discover how easy it is to create a beautiful watercolor using this simple technique.  We walk you through every step of the way.

Learn how to create the illusion of 3_d by simple shading.  Try a “watercolor wash” to create a sky. Even if you have never used watercolor before, you will be amazed at what you can do!


Spiny Fish           Ages 6-16

Take the challenge!  We will make it EASY and FUN. With just 2 simple lines, you will be able to create your own fish using materials you have at home.


Phoenix Bird     Ages 6-16

Take the challenge!  We will make it EASY. With just 2 simple lines, you will be able to create your own bird that will give you the confidence to keep on creating! This video will help you every step of the way.  The FUN KidzArt way!