3-D Salt Painting Project!

Create your own 3-D salt painting artwork! This activity is super simple and the supplies are probably items that you already have! Click here for our Salt Painting guide! Make sure you share your finished pieces with us!

Wassily Kandinsky Activity

Happy Friday! Today, we’re learning about Wassily Kandinsky and doing an activity to learn about one of his pieces. Click here to download our Kandinsky hand out and activity!

Amazing Animals!

This week, we’ve got a fun series of animal themed projects! Check back each day for a new project! day 1 Today’s project is a sandpaper starfish! Click here to download our Starfish guide! Add your starfish to our underwater coloring page! Click here to download! day 2 June 16th is World Sea Turtle! Click …

Color Explosion!

This week, we’ll be experimenting with color! Make sure to check back each day for a new project! Day 1 Today’s project involves tissue paper bleeding! Click here to download the Tissue Paper Bleed project! day 2 For today’s activity, we’re experimenting with chalk prints! Click here for our free Chalk Prints guide! day 3 …

Drawing Techniques

This week, we’ll be posting activities that will teach some helpful drawing techniques! day 1 The technique we’re learning about today is called Hatching! Hatching is a way to use lines to illustrate shadows or depth. Click here to download our free Hatching Exercise! Day 2 Today, we’re experimenting with Zentangles! Click here to download …

Hands On Crafts

This week, we’ll be doing some hands on crafts! Check back each day for another fun project! Day 1 Our first project is DIY stamps from recycled items! Click here to download our Create Your Own Stamps info sheet! Day 2 Click here for our Watercolor Planter guide! Visit this page next week for another …

Art Techniques You Can Try At Home!

This week, we’re going to be learning about some unusual art techniques and modifying them so you can do them from home!   Day 1 For this activity, we’re going to be learning about Pointillism and artists Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. Click here for our free Pointillism activity! Day 2 Today we’re going a …


This week, we’ll be learning how to create several different animals using Origami! Click here to download our Origami Fact Sheet! day 1 Today, we’ll be creating an Origami Crab! Click here for the Origami Crab instruction sheet! Day 2 Today’s Origami piece is a walrus! Click here for the Origami Walrus instruction guide! Day …

Around The World

This week, we’ll be learning about landmarks from around the world! Each day, we’ll be posting a new info sheet and creative activity inspired by our favorite places! Day 1 Today, we’re learning about the Roman Colosseum! Click here to download today’s activity! Day 2 Today, we’re taking a trip to Paris, France! Click here …

Famous Paintings

Famous Paintings This week, our creative art activities are all about famous paintings! We’ll be discussing artists like Van Gogh and Warhol so make sure you check back every day to see what piece we’re looking at! Day 1 Today, we’re looking at the three versions of Vincent Van Gogh’s Bedroom In Arles. Click here …

KidzArt Camp Schedule Summer 2020

Get excited for all of our upcoming summer art camps! All dates, locations and themes are listed on our schedule. We hope you can join us!

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