Chen's Story

Chen Jiang is the owner of KidzArt North Raleigh. She grew up in China and came to North Carolina for grad school at NC State.  At NC State, Chen met her husband Steve as they were both graduate students in horticulture.  After finishing school, the (now married) couple left for Boise, ID, because Chen got a job offer with a potato company.

The couple enjoyed the Northwest, but after having a son, they missed North Carolina and decided to return to settle permanently. Becoming a mom had a profound effect on Chen and she decided to leave horticulture for a career that would allow her to be more involved in her son's life.  This eventually led them to purchase KidzArt North Raleigh because the KidzArt approaches and philosophy matched what Chen and Steve want for their own children:

The belief that self-confidence comes first-hand accomplishment, and no amount of awards can replace this.

Chen and Steve are proud they can offer this to the children of the community and want to expand on this lesson.