Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all our in-person after school classes are temporarily suspended.

We partner with various elementary schools in the following Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Garner, NC. Classes are offered when school is in session. For year-round schools, students only pay for and attend classes on the weeks they track in.

Public Schools:

  • Durant Road
  • York
  • Wakefield
  • Pleasant Union
  • Abbotts Creek
  • Brassfield
  • Sycamore Creek
  • Hilburn Academy
  • Vandora Springs
  • Harris Creek

Thales Academy:

  • Raleigh                         
  • Wake Forest

Don’t see your school listed? Email us at cjiang@kidzart.com!

What we teach

We create an environment that does not expect perfection but helps children see their own potential as capable people and creative artists.

Every week participants can bring home a brand new piece of artwork. Students will learn to draw a variety of objects, from animals and people, to everyday scenes and exotic landscapes. We introduce many techniques and styles to fill the students' artistic tool boxes. Plus, a variety of media: watercolor paint, chalk pastels, oil pastels, charcoal, watercolor pencil, watercolor crayons, acrylic, scratch art, and more to keep classes fun and challenging!


Who can participate

We welcome students from grade K-5. Each class includes students from multiple grade levels, and children generally sit near others of their own age. We find this balance of close collaboration with others in their own grade and some interaction with children in other grades provides an enjoyable and meaningful experience for most kids.

Our class is designed to allow students of all skill levels to learn and explore art where they are at. Each piece of our curriculum is selected by certified instructors so young children can create basic versions, while older students and more experienced artists can add their own flourishes to keep it challenging.




Before and after class

Right after school lets out, students walk to our reserved classroom in their school. Most schools make an announcement to remind KidzArt students to report to our classroom.

Parents, please inform your child's homeroom teacher that they are participating in KidzArt. Most students walk to class themselves, but if you are concerned about your child the first few times, you can ask the schoolteacher to assist him/her to arrive in class.

After class, we walk your child to carpool pickup line or on-site afterschool care program based on your direction. Please arrive on time to pick up your child as our teachers want to get home to their families after work just like you.

Cancellation and Missed Class

To cancel:

  • We stand by our classes; if your child determines it is not the right fit, cancellation and unused tuition can be refunded (less 5% processing fee) before the date of the second class; after which date, no refund can be offered.

If you plan to miss a class:

  • You can receive a credit towards a future KidzArt registration if you provide a written notice of any class you plan to miss (no more than 3 classes per session), prior to session start date.