My son has taken KidzArt at his school for 2 1/2 years now. He is excited to go every week, and it has really stimulated his interest in art. It is the one activity he has been excited about for an extended period of time—so far, he has lost interest in other activities. Since the stay-at-home order, my preschool-aged daughter has joined my son in taking the online classes. The classes are well-taught and easy to follow. Both of my children really look forward to days they get to do art and, they have a real sense of pride in the artwork they complete.      — Victoria R.


She LOVED the art class online and was really proud of her drawing. Thank you SO MUCH for offering this whole the kids are isolated at home. It makes such a difference!!   — Holly S.


I highly recommend this company. My daughter has been flourishing with her art and drawings after taking these clients. They are especially great now with us having to stay home. The virtual sessions give my daughter something fun to look forward to and the teachers have done a great job of instructing the class. I am just overall so pleased with how well my daughter is drawing at her age with the help of this studio.          — Ashley H.


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