Remember those after school art classes your child loved and thrived in? Now they are fully online!

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After School Art Club!

Our live and interactive classes give kids a break from school, allowing them to Have Fun, Relax and Be Creative!

  • Elementary Grades Ages 5-12
  • New project every day; different media each week.
  • Students and their guests are invited to a #Virtual Art Show at the end of session, a perfect opportunity to showcase accomplishments to friends and family!
  • Supplies available with free local delivery!
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Not local or need to order supplies yourself?

  • We can ship the supply kit to you anywhere within the USA!
  • Once you register, a full supply list is included in the confirmation email, where you can purchase all items locally or online. Contact us at if you have questions. We are here to help!

Examples of Art Media

With many art media to explore, there is no dull moment at KidzArt! All supplies are included in the supply kit and are delivered to your door for free (Raleigh local only).


Children love discovering and exploring. Using charcoal for creative self-expression is a different experience from working with paint, markers or pastels. And it is also a great way to experiment the depth of color, smudging, shading... It can get messy, but all it takes is some water and paper towel to clean up!

Oil Pastel

Oil pastels are an easy to use medium perfect for artists of all ages and skill levels. Pastels offer bright colors that children love, and their versatility allows children to create amazing effects and gorgeous textures with just some simple guidance.

Scratch Art

Scratch Art is children’s all-time favorite, speaking from our experience! With a rainbow scratch art paper, each stroke of scratching will reveal a mysterious color underneath and offer a truly magical experience for kids of all ages. Yet this is a great medium to learn fundamental fine art principles such as shading, texture, and effects of different lines.

Watercolor Pencils

Kids love colored pencils, but what if they can even turn them into paint just by adding water? They are versatile, vibrant, and provide lots of fun options. It is also a great tool to teach color blending, texture, shading, and more!

Clay and Paint

Air dry clay is easy to shape and harden naturally over time. It offers children tons of opportunities to create with their imagination. The clay is also easy to color with various coloring supplies, such as acrylic paint, marker, and watercolor.

Projects we teach

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Examples of past projects in 2020: