No summer camps or vocations? What else can a child look forward to in a summer amid COVID-19?

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Art Workshops!


We use affordable, and easily accessible supplies to teach children techniques REAL artists use!

  • For students ages 5-11, regardless of skill levels.
  • Students gain new skills in painting and designs, and leave with enhanced confidence to continue creating at home!
  • Supply kits are available.
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Weekly Media

July 13-17: Oil Pastel Workshops
Oil Pastel Example

Oil pastels are an easy to use medium perfect for artists of all ages and skill levels. Pastels offer bright colors that children love, and their versatility allows children to create amazing effects and gorgeous textures with just some simple guidance.

Throughout the week, students will learn various techniques, such as light and heavy pressure, color mixing through stippling and stumbling, rule of 3 etc.



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July 20-24: Acrylic Painting Workshops
Acrylic Project Example


Throughout the week, students will learn various techniques that build their confidence in painting, such as color blending, layering, smudging, how to create highlight and shadows, and making sharp and soft edges etc.




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More topics for the following weeks of 2020 summer are coming soon! 


Class Schedule

Mon/Wed/Fri from 10-11 am, ET, through Zoom.

  • Each day is a new project.
  • Although there is no prerequisite requirement for each project, we recommend students participate in all three classes throughout the week, to gain a comprehensive knowledge for each medium.