Fall Camps 2020

Camps will be held at St. Christopher’s Church in Kailua

Fall camps and seasonal workshops support an in-depth creative experience. Students explore new mediums and enter whimsical and imaginative worlds where art is the currency.

Secret Agent Camp

June 8 to 12 and July 6-10

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... is to train as a Secret Agent with your friends.   Please report to KidzArt WindWard for this thrilling spy camp, filled with fun creative projects, drawings, painting, and puzzles to solve. No prior experience necessary!  This document will self-destruct in 30 seconds. ...29….28...

Fashion Design Camp

June 8 to 12 and July 13 to 17

KidzArt Windward’s Fashion Design Camp for anyone who wants to create their own style! Campers will learn to hand sew, illustrate and design fashion, create personalized accessories and have a blast with fashion-forward kids their age. Not only will Campers learn about specific Fashion styles, but the art behind it! We may also have a runway, instead of an art gallery.

Metallic Camp

June 15 to 19 and July 13 to 17

Metallic Camp

Boys and girls alike will enjoy creating dazzling artwork with glitter, gemstones, foil, metallic markers and more.  Each day, the students will transform a mundane object into a brilliant, yet functional, work of art. Through the use of glitter, metallic markers and gemstones, the standard issue KidzArt drawings will be reproduced in a way the students may never have considered

Around The World Camp

June 15 to 19 and July 20-24

Students spend five exciting days exploring other countries and cultures through their art.  At each stop, they create unique art as a souvenir. At the beginning of the week, each student is issued a blank “passport” wherein they receive a stamp after their successful completion of each country’s artwork.

Cartoon Camp

June 22-26 and July 20-24

Cartoon Design is a specialty themed art camp where campers can enhance their drawing skills, learn character design, and how to create a comic book.Students will explore the process of creating characters and comics, from initial idea to completed page. Campers will have fun with penciling, inking and coloring your own comic page, and even learn about their favorite,  famous cartoon artists!

Animal Style Camp

June 22-26 and July 27-31

Animals go wild for some crazy, projects!  You’ll find out that pigs can paint and so can you. We’ll get messy as you explore different art mediums:  pastels, acrylics on canvas, bendable sculptures, collage, chalk pastels and more. If your child likes getting messy and loves art, this experience will be sure to delight all ages!

4th Of July Parade Camp

June 29-July 3

This Summer, KidzArt Windward will be participating in the Kailua town 4th of July Parade for the second  time! During this camp, we will be planning, designing, and decorating items that will be displayed on the KidzArt Windward Float. Students will also be invited to participate in the parade on July 4th!

Puppet Theater Camp

July 6-10 and July 27-31

Puppetry is exercise for your imagination! Join KidzArt Windward’s team of puppeteers for a week of creative building and performance activities. Kids will learn how to design, construct, and manipulate puppet characters, focusing on different styles of puppetry and different kinds of puppets! Kids will work together to create, rehearse, and present original mini-performance with their puppets!

Gear Up For School Camp

Are your kids ready to go back to school? In this camp will be personalizing school accessories, along with learning some great new art techniques to dive back into the classroom!

Out of this World Camp

Join with your friends as we launch into an exciting galaxy of drawings and projects. Voyage to realms both real and imagined. Touch down on the famous Peaceful Pink and Purple Puppy Planet. Design your own planet as you experiment with sculpture, painting, and projects to thrill.