Two exciting fundraising opportunities. 

KidzArt Products
KidzArt Showcase

  1. We give you a video art lesson for each grade. The lesson takes 15 minutes.
  2. Give your students 30 min. in the week to finish details and add color to their art
  3. We collect the art and upload it into a gallery for each student
  4. Parents get a flyer that explains how to order products so the school gets credit.

It’s this easy!

  1. Family and friends place product orders from the child’s FREE on-line art gallery all year long.
  2. Products are shipped directly to their homes or as gifts
  3. No work on your part. No order collection, payment collection, no sorting, payment transactions, no packing or distributing products to kids or parents!
  4. Your School receives a percentage of every order, all school year!
  5. Auto notices are sent out to remind families before holidays.
  6. New art can be uploaded anytime by families, teachers, or us
  7. An auto notice is sent when new art work is uploaded so family and friends can order again.

KidzArt Showcase: All of the students art work is on display for one night. Parents can purchase their students art work framed and double matted at a Showcase event. The School receives 20% percent of frames and products sold that night.

Easy and hassle free!

We hope to partner with you to provide this exciting and inspirational educational fundraising program to your school each year.