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Learning happens in many ways. After 25 years of teaching and observing millions of students, we know that creativity exists in everyone.  Our techniques remove the fear of failure that can block creative expression. We offer a safe classroom environment where mistakes are not an issue, they are an opportunity. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to new levels. Our techniques and support help remove obstacles to creativity so that students can experience their own potential. Once this happens students can finally unleash and tap into their inner creativity. Students succeed in creating art work beyond their imagination--- in their very first class. This success allows their confidence to soar. Many educators and parents find the attitude of success, instead of fear of failure, spills over into their school work and home life.

An afterschool art class where students of all ages HAVE FUN and learn to draw. By using our simple drawing method and weekly format certified instructors help students create original works of art beyond what they thought possible. We are a drawing based program, complimented with artistic projects and curriculum that never repeat from age 2-18. We offer exposure to many mediums over the course of a student’s education. Exposure to multi cultural curriculum because we are in many countries

Our classrooms offer:

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This unique program offers art, music, movement and creative play all together!  It’s a chance for your child and a relative or caretaker to create together.  Award-winning singer songwriters have developed a KidzArt/Art Innovators CD with songs that relate to the curriculum and that kids love.  Come experience the fun of collaborative creation and go home with a beautiful piece of original art.


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A safe, mistake free environment without criticism encourages students to take risks. Students relax, focus, see art from our different perspective and succeed with work that astounds them.  25 years of classroom experience combined with assistance from child experts has led to our fail safe process that assists students of any age to create work beyond their imagination!  To express and expand their minds to possibilities fear may have previously limited.    

Life skills learned through KidzArt:
How to relax, go within, and reduce stress.
How to express yourself in more acceptable ways than acting out
How to rely on yourself
How to see the world differently.
How to "break down" complex life situations into manageable steps.
How to welcome, work with and resolve "mistakes".
How to have mastery and the experience of "I can do it!".
How to create and appreciate beauty and ART.
How to manage your time and use schedules.





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Creativity is the number 1 skill sought after by the large corporations looking for executives as reported by IBM in a recent study. At KidzArt/Art Innovators we help create WINNERS and ultimately, THE INNOVATORS OF TOMORROW!

We go far beyond other art programs, developing life skills as well as igniting the Creative Spirit.






In School Field Trips

KidzArt instructor lessons for your classroom offer a professional art lesson, break up your routine, and  provide a fun art lesson. You can choose from a huge array of projects that complement the lessons in your classroom. Teacher instructed lesson is 60 minutes per classroom at your school/location. All supplies included. 1st-6th grade (all skill levels).A video lesson is 15-20 minutes and can be offered anytime you have the few minutes. Offered via smart board or through recorder this allows your students to have an art break added in without losing instruction hours. Time to personalize and customize the art is based on time you have available throughout the week.

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