About KidzArt®

Since 2005, our instructor-led art program has centered on offering children an artistic environment that makes learning and creating art a fun and rewarding experience. From art classes to camps and workshops – children will have fun exploring a variety of fine art materials as they realize the endless possibilities of their own imagination.

Our Teaching Methods

Think about the first time you learned how to cook - you likely referenced recipes as you learned how different ingredients come together to make something delicious. In time, as you grew more confident as a cook and learned how different recipes resulted in different outcomes – you may branch out on your own by trying your own combination of flavors and ingredients, creating your own unique dish!

At KidzArt, we are helping children build confidence in their artistic skills by delivering the concepts, principles, and techniques of drawing, painting, and design – just like a recipe. Using our step-by-step teaching method, our trained instructors teach fun and relatable projects while teaching students how to strengthen their “creative eye." The result is a more confident and creative artist!

Benefits of art classes.

We believe art helps build a foundation for academic excellence. Whether your child is interested in math, science, engineering, or any other subject areas - being able to “think outside the box” helps children excel in their area of interests by looking at problems and solutions through a different “lens”.  Art classes do just that by helping fostering and developing creativity through a variety of hands on projects that entices students to push their own creative limits. Children not only enjoy themselves, they’ll also gain self-confidence and skills that will last a lifetime.