Build upon your child’s love of art with our weekly after-school art classes! Our fun and engaging classes are one hour long and held once a week, after-school (directly on campus) at select Wake County schools. Click on your child’s school below to register for an upcoming session!


Class Locations (2022-2023 School Year)


  • Green Hope Elementary
    • Tuesday Session | 4pm-5pm | REGISTRATION OPENS SOON!
    • Thursday Session | 4pm-5pm | REGISTRATION OPENS SOON!
  • Highcroft Elementary | Wednesdays | 4pm-5pm | REGISTRATION OPENS SOON!
  • Laurel Park Elementary | Wednesdays | 4pm-5pm | REGISTRATION OPENS SOON!
  • AB Combs Magnet Elementary | Tuesday | 3:15pm-4:15pm | REGISTRATION OPENS SOON!
  • Penny Road Elementary | Thursdays | 4pm-5pm | REGISTRATION OPENS SOON!
  • Parkside Elementary | *Coming soon! | REGISTRATION OPENS SOON!
  • Cedar Fork Elementary | Thursdays | 4pm-5pm | REGISTRATION OPENS SOON!


What to Expect

Our weekly art classes are a fun and creative option for children to build upon their love of art - directly after school, at the school they attend!

Our Classes

KidzArt classes are staffed by both a lead art instructor and an instructional assistant. During class, our experienced instructors will lead children through a guided lesson while demonstrating skills and techniques in drawing, painting, or design. Every week is a new project and suitable to children of all skill levels!

Art Materials We Use

We use a variety of (non-toxic) media to create amazing art! Since our program focuses on developing drawing, painting, and design skills, we typically use watercolor paint, oil pastels, colored pencils, charcoal, and markers, although we may incorporate other media depending on what we're creating!

Grouping By Grade Level

Each class includes students from multiple grade levels, so we seat children near others of similar age. We find this balance of close collaboration with others in their own grade (and some interaction with children in other grades) provides an enjoyable and meaningful experience for kids.

What to Bring

All art supplies and materials are provided by KidzArt. There is nothing your child needs to bring to any in-person KidzArt class!

Dismissal Process

School Dismissal / Arriving to Art Class

KidzArt classes are held once a week after-school for one hour and staffed by an art instructor and instructional assistant. Students will walk down to designated classroom upon school dismissal (room location will be included in your registration confirmation email). KidzArt instructors will be in the classroom to greet students as they arrive.


Instructors will take attendance each class and notify the front office of any child who has not arrived to class.

Class Dismissal / Pick-Up

Once class is dismissed, one of our instructors will walk the students down to the designated dismissal area (indicated in your confirmation email). The instructor will wait with the students until every child has been picked up. *Please refer to the late pick-up fee tab for our policy regarding late pick-up.

Late Pick-Up Fee

Classes are dismissed promptly at the time indicated in your confirmation email. Parents who pick their students up late may incur a $25 late fee. Thank you for your understanding.

KidzArt Policies

KidzArt policies are put in place to preserve a positive, fun, and creative atmosphere for all our students.

KidzArt "Kindness Always" Policy

Our "Kindness Always" policy ensures students are approaching each other (as well as themselves!) with kindness and a good attitude. Art is a beautiful and inspiring way to see the world through the eyes and imagination of others. There may be differences in our artistic styles, but our willingness to be kind and accepting of others should always be the same. Because of this, we have a ZERO tolerance policy for bullying or mistreatment of any kind. Any student who bully's or mistreats another student are at risk of being removed from the session and forfeit a refund of any remaining classes.

Materials & Property

Students are expected to respect KidzArt supplies and materials as well as school property at all times during class. Students purposely mishandling materials or mistreating school property are at risk of being removed from the session and forfeit a refund of any remaining classes.

Cancellation and Missed Class Policy
  • Session Cancellation: We stand by our classes, however, if your child feels it is not the right fit, cancellation and unused tuition can be refunded (less 5% processing fee) before the date of the second class, after which date, no refund can be offered. Please contact us in writing to request a cancellation.
  • Missed Classes. Unfortunately we can not provide a refund or credit for any missed classes.

If you have any questions about our policies, please don't hesitate to contact us.

COVID Safety

KidzArt follows all the safety protocols and guidelines outlined by the Wake County public school system. Please refer to the county's current guidelines for the most updated information.

Additionally, KidzArt takes the following precautions to ensure maximum safety and protection for our instructors and students:

  • Students / instructors will be reminded to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer, before and after each class.
  • All tables will be wiped with disinfectant wipes prior to and after each KidzArt class.
  • Materials are cleaned and disinfected daily.

As always, please be considerate of the health and safety of other children and our staff. If your child is ill, please do not have your child attend class.